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English has become the most approved and favored language. 65 countries of the world have endorsed English as their official language. Need more stats! More than 30 countries have embraced English as their second language. It is used globally for business reasons and most social associations. With the increase in English speaking populace, the urge to learn and speak effectively and fluent English has increased drastically among non-english speakers. FlyTalks has always been the first choice among students for the best coaching of the English language. FlyTalks has a comprehensive and personalized English language course that assists you to refine the language. We own the latest technology and specially designed teaching aids, which makes it pretty easier to understand the various accents of English. Not only this, we help with the right vocabulary, pronunciation, and speech.

Why Flytalks?

Speak English as if the language is your mother tongue. Call or visit FlyTalks for the best guidance and coaching.

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Language Mastery

We have developed 5 levels of the course to understand where the child fits in.

Fundamental English

Fundamental English reinforce the basics of the language and help build grammar skills.

Elementary English

Elementary English encourages a child to speak freely and confidently, doesn’t matter the number of grammatical errors the child makes. We at this level embolden the child to express him/herself fearlessly in English.  

Effective English

With an understanding of all the grammatical rules, the child develops a command of the English language.

Advanced English

We tutor the tips and tricks of knowing the language like an expert. 

Profession English

We train our students with the style of talking in a business or professional way.

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