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Our expertise of helping students applying in foreign universities is available to you. Our team of consultants help in saving a lot of your time as entire process from university admission to visa application is take care of by them. Our support doesn’t stop at acquiring a visa however broadens must past it. To know more about fulfilling your dream of pursuing your overseas education, connect with us for a free consultation.


Our team of counselling experts help to decide the best course for you to pursue and guide you regarding best university. We at FlyTalks provide customized solutions to meet all your requirement. Complete assistance is provided by us for student aid and loans from multiple banks. Student loan schemes usually have a unique loan agreement, and it is very important to understand them thoroughly to avoid any confusion later on. Our team of experts at FlyTalks helps in eliminating all such problems arising in future.

Mapping Academic Credentials

Various gateway tests such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, PTE and many other are mandatory prerequisites for getting entrance into most colleges and universities abroad. These tests are usually used as an parameter to evaluate one’s readiness to take up various courses at college and a high score in these tests will enormously improve one’s odds of admission. It is ideal to depend on a specialist in abroad education training, to boost one’s score in these tests. FlyTalks provide training and guidance relating to all these gateway exams.


Our team of migration consultants comprehends the unique requirement of people who want to secure a job in abroad and want to settle down there in order to improve their lives. Be it work visas for a job abroad, investor visa or PR applications, our immigration consultants ensure that your search for jobs abroad has the better opportunity of success. Moving to another country can be loaded with traps whenever attempted without the skill of migration consultants. Under the current circumstances where international security and transparency are being stressed, hiring an immigration consultant is nothing but a little investment toward your successful future.

Our Value Added Services


Pre- Departure Briefing

We brief students and others travelling abroad on variety of issues such as the cultural difference that exists in the other countries which helps them avoid any friction with the locals and adapts them quickly to new environment. We guide them in various protocols that are to be followed in case of any medical or other emergencies. They are also guided on location of basic utilities, medical stores etc. around the accommodation

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Accommodation Assistance

Usually the services of migration consultants are restricted to initial phase of counselling like evaluation, application etc. instead our services are not restricted to these only but extend beyond these. We help applicants in air ticket booking, getting required foreign exchange and also in arranging accommodation for initial few weeks after travel.


Pickup Service From Airport

It is very important for anyone who has just landed in foreign country is eased into the experience. We help you with all your transportation requirements from the airport. We ensure that you reach your destination easily and safely without having the need to struggle with your luggage and booking a cab.


Education Loan Assistance

The immediate question that comes to every student’s mind after deciding to study abroad is how to fund their education. At FlyTalks we provide complete assistance to all the students applying through us in getting financial aid from reputed banks.

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FlyTalks Overseas Pvt, Ltd. is an overseas education consultant organization helping students in achieving their dream of studying abroad. Our organization was established in 2012 in Chandigarh with a sole aim of exploring wider opportunities as experienced and authorized representatives in the various fields such as IELTS, PTE, Study Visa, PR, tourist Visa, and schooling Visa etc.

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